Mindfulness for staff & students

The Chaplaincy sponsors a programme of Mindfulness activities each Spring and Autumn. FREE to all staff and students these are delivered by our training partner Bob Chase from Mindful in the City.

The value of Mindfulness

Mindfulness blends modern psychology and the ancient wisdom of meditation to help us live more fully and with a greater sense of perspective. It is the awareness that arises from paying attention to our experience in the present moment, with curiosity, compassion and acceptance.

Many top flight universities now offer mindfulness training to students and staff. Cambridge University are leaders in this area. In 2017 they published research that confirms it’s positive impact.

“This is, to the best of our knowledge, the most robust study to date to assess mindfulness training for students, and backs up previous studies that suggest it can improve mental health and wellbeing during stressful periods,” Dr Julieta Galante 


Taster Sessions – for the curious 

Designed as a fun and informative introduction to mindfulness for the curious. Participants leave with an understanding of the theory behind mindfulness and an experience of mindfulness practices.

Stress Less Study – 4 week course

Designed for students this beginners course offers a firm introduction to mindfulness and core mindfulness skills. The focus will be on how Mindfulness can aid attention, memory, reduce stress and improve study performance.

First Steps Course - beginners

This beginners course gives a firm introduction to mindfulness and core mindfulness skills. It’s focus is on understanding how our habits inhibit our natural curiosity about ourselves and our world.

Next Steps Course – intermediary

This intermediate course is ideal for those who have attended a First Steps Course or the Stress Less Study Course and for already confident meditators. We will be exploring the classic Four Foundations of Mindfulness using core mindfulness practices.  A great course for going deeper.

This course will run when we have 10 people on the waiting list

Meeting Mindfulness – for QMUL staff

Adding a dose of Mindfulness to your online business meetings can really aid attention and participation. With so many things on our minds fully engaging with new activities can be very challenging.

This semester we are making available, to QMUL staff, short (5-10 min) mindfulness sessions to add on to your existing meetings and events. You can chose from “on demand” videos, to show yourself, or book a live session from by one of our Mindfulness Trainers.

Weekly Practice Sessions – Mondays at 12:30

Once you have learned one of the basic exercises, in a taster or course, you can top-up your experience by dropping into a free Practice Session.

Practice sessions include a guided mindfulness practice followed by an optional Q&A about mindfulness meditation and practice. They are 30 minutes long

Practice Day/Retreat

Practice days are a great way to refresh and deepen your mindfulness practice. This ONLINE “flexible” version allows you to choose how much you want to extend your experience. You can decide to join in all of the sessions, and make it a mini retreat, or you can come along to just one or two during the day.

It’s suitable for people who have already learned to meditate, rather than complete beginners. Most of the practices will be familiar to you but perhaps a little longer. Walking mediation is taught and included in some sessions.


Note: The courses are specifically designed for staff and students. Please note these sessions are secular in nature. They do not include any religious content or agenda.